Today is Leader Day. You Don’t Want to Miss the Inspirational Ryan Leak!

Meet Author, speaker, executive coach and film maker, Ryan Leak. Ryan is known for two documentaries, The Surprise Wedding and Chasing Failure. As CEO of a leadership development firm based in Dallas, Texas, Mr. Leak and his team train over 15,000 leaders every year–from Fortune 500 companies to professional sports teams.

Ryan’s passion is helping leaders push past autopilot and level up in their lives and careers. He spreads this empowering message through coaching, speaking, and leveraging the power of video to reach thousands through his online platforms.

As author of the USA Today bestselling book, Chasing Failure, and the Wall Street Journal bestselling book Leveling Up, Ryan and his work have been featured in dozens of media outlets, including Good Morning America and the Today Show.

Mr. Leak is widely known for that one time he planned a viral proposal and wedding on the same day. Most importantly, Ryan is married to his best friend, Amanda, and is the proud assistant coach for his son’s basketball team.



Today, the first Friday in October, is LEADER DAY (Leadership Emphasis Day). It is marked by the annual Live2Lead Ghana  conference, a brainchild of Dr. John C. Maxwell. And this year, the inspirational Ryan Leak is speaking! You don’t want to miss him. As Perbi Executive Leadership Education (PELE), we have been privileged to host Live2Lead on both sides of the Atlantic, in Montreal, Canada as well as in Accra, Ghana. We are absolutely convinced that leadership is taught; not just caught. Join John and the stellar faculty he’s put together for this year’s Live2Lead conference and up your leadership game.

This year, together with our partners in Ghana, we’ve chosen the theme, “Leading for Legacy.” On legacy, here’s what Ryan Leak’s got to say: “short term decisions will dictate your long term legacy. Today is always a great time to start making better decisions that help us tell the story we want to tell later.” Legacy doesn’t just happen; it’s by intentional, intelligent design. Come and find out how, in-person at the Ecobank Ghana Headquarters in Accra, or online, wherever in the world you might be!

Today, October 6, is Leader Day this year. Register now through this link. Impress upon your organization to join the Leadership Emphasis Day/Leader Day movement that will transform society by becoming a Patron of Live2Lead. A Patron company or individual is one that sends at least 10 leaders to Live2Lead. Together we can change our world for the better! Yes, we can!

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