Live2Lead 2023: Leader Day Comes Again This Year.

There was recently a humorous corporate piece where the smart CFO said to the CEO, “We can’t afford to invest all this money developing our leaders. What if they leave?”

To which the wiser CEO replied, rather curtly, “What if we don’t invest in our leaders and they stay?”

You would think that “because the economy is tough let’s hold off the ‘luxury’ of leadership development” yet the irony is that precisely because the economy is tough you cannot afford not to grow your leadership to overcome the challenge and soar to new heights. What if the economy isn’t going to get better anytime soon. Will you survive? How will you survive, let alone thrive, if you don’t get better than you are now and better than the economy you live in?



Last year, my frustration was that “there is a day dedicated to almost every cause under the sun and pretty much each of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)—women’s day, water day, literacy day, friendship day, founders’ day …  even toilet day. Yet the one thing that causes each of these matters to rise or fall has no such day dedicated to it to elevate and emphasize it. Even then, is a day enough? Surely not; but it is a good catalyst for the remaining three hundred and sixty four (or five) days,” I said.

Last year, I shared a dream that  “the first Friday of October each year will become universally known as LEADER DAY.” It bears repeating that, “There is nothing special about the first Friday in October per se except that consistently for about a decade now, our mentor and leadership expert, John C. Maxwell, has been gathering some of the best leadership minds and hearts on the planet to speak to the issue, and we might as well leverage the opportunity rather than reinvent the wheel. Live2Lead is the name of that event. The name says it all, that’s our purpose on earth: We live to lead.”

We held a successful event last year, only online, looking at the theme “Leading with Integrity & Inspiring Hope, for the Common Good.” To say Patrick Awuah (Founder & CEO, Ashesi University), Patricia Obo-Nai (CEO, Vodafone), James Ebo Whyte (CEO, Roverman Productions), Gwen Gyimah Addo (CEO, The Hair Senta), and Kathleen Addo (Chairperson, National Council for Civic Education) were phenomenal resource persons is an understatement. We will bring you snippets, in text and video, of what they shared to remind and stimulate you towards integrity and hope for your leadership.



This year, two more John C. Maxwell-trained and certified colleagues in Ghana have joined our trio of 2022 to pour more fire into the dream that ultimately the first Friday of October each year will become universally known as LEADER DAY. We have settled on ‘Leadership Legacy’ as the theme and will soon be outdooring the slate of speakers, including my celebrated German-trained professor of Cardiosurgery when I was a medical student at the University of Ghana Medical School. We’ve got to live to lead today, for the sake of lives tomorrow. That’s legacy.

You and I know too well the dearth of leadership in our country and around the world, whose ripple effect is the tough economic situation we find ourselves in, and more. We hope to double last year’s number of attendees–this time both online and in-person at the Ecobank Ghana headquarters auditorium–to benefit from the LIVE simulcast from Atlanta and the local content for our context, sandwiching the global feed.



When leaders get better, everything and everyone gets better too. There is no benefit of not investing in your leadership to get better because the economy is tough. Ironically, the only way out is for you and everyone else to invest in our leadership development to get better. That is the tide the raises all the boats with it, including the economy. In the words of the charming African-American poet Maya Angelou, “Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.” Mark down Leader Day 2023, October 6, to know better, get better and do better.

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